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Andata, Reimagined (2019)

I'm a huge fan of Ryuichi Sakamoto's work, and I was curious what his piece 'Andata' would sound like reimagined on harp through effect pedals.

For The Damaged Coda (2017)

This video is old, but it was really my first venture into the vast world of effect and loop pedal work.
Excuse the quality. It was taken on a phone.

Howl's Moving Castle Duet (2018)

I'm a huge fan of Studio Ghibli, and working with James is always an absolute pleasure.
I made him wear that hat.

Mood - Pedal Review

All the presets are Tim & Eric references.

Aqueduct - Pedal Review

Things get pretty wiggly.

BitQuest - Pedal Review

I had higher hopes for this one!

Pokémon - Lavender Town

Using EQD Westwood & EQD Aqueduct

Kirby - Milky Way Dreams

Using EQD Rainbow Machine & Dispatch Master

Undertale - Bonetrousle

Using EQD Dispatch Master & Aqueduct

Ocarina of Time - Sheik's Theme

Using EQD Afterneath

Ni No Kuni - Arie Recollection

Using EQD Afterneath and EQD Organizer

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